The Trident is an awesome sounding triple oscillator with a multitude of modulation possibilities. Each VCO has a distinct feature set. They can be used independently or combined into a synchronous ensemble to deliver a massive spectrum of sound. Besides exponential and linear FM, the module provides symmetry, phase and pulse width modulation inputs. The two modulation oscillators can influence the main oscillator using the Zing modulation, a combination of ring modulation and sync. Intermodulation at its best!

  • Triple analog VCO
  • Oscillators may be used independently or can be used together as a huge-sounding ensemble
  • Special Zing parameter acts as a combination of ring modulation and sync, creating complex harmonic spectra
  • Main oscillator with simultaneous triangle, saw, and pulse outputs
  • Modulation oscillators offer selectable waveshape output
  • Primary oscillator offers hard sync, exponential FM, linear FM, and PWM
  • Modulation Oscillator 1 offers expo FM, Symmetry modulation, and Zing modulation
  • Modulation Oscillator 2 offers expo FM, Symmetry modulation, Zing modulation, and Phase modulation
  • Both modulation oscillators can sync to the Carrier, Track the carrier, or both

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