TIPTOP Audio ONE Sample Player - ONE single pack

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Mono Sample Player for Eurorack systems
  • Offers different trigger and gate modes
  • Minimal latency for analogue feel in normal trigger mode (0.25 milliseconds)
  • Free and chromatic pitch modes over 3.5 octaves
  • Sample selection can be done using CV signals
  • Samples are loaded into the sample player via micro SD card - maximum 256 mono sounds in WAV format, resolution: 24bit / 96kHz
  • SDHC cards with up to 32 GB of storage space
  • Loading CV signals such as random CV, envelopes or LFO signals provides additional modulation options
  • Width: 4 TE / HP
  • Depth: 43 mm
  • Power requirement: +80 mA (+12 V) / -8 mA (-12 V)
  • Includes SD card with 60 sounds loaded by Glitchmachines

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