Listen IO converts line into modular signals. - And vice versa. Additionally, there are two headphone outputs. The upper section offers up to +30dB gain and allows external devices such as table-top synths, effect pedals, keyboards and groove boxes to be integrated into the modular system. The lower section allows the level to be attenuated and two headphones to be used in parallel. Each of the four outputs is visualized by a LED chain. With the Listen IO you have the level under control!

  • Line to modular conversion, and modular to line/headphone conversion
  • Works with guitars, table-top synths, effect pedals, keyboards, groove boxes, and many microphones
  • Dual mono or stereo conversion
  • LEDs show signal level and clipping
  • Gain knob allows for wide range of boost or cut
  • Headers in back for connecting to Listen Up or DIY adaptor module (1/4”, banana, etc.)
  • Two headphone outputs and stereo inputs for use as a compact headphones module

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