4MS Pingable Envelope Generator

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The Pingable Envelope Generator or PEG is a dual digital envelope generator. The duration of one envelope cycle can be forced-to-fit between two "pings". This means that the envelope will perfectly fit into a rhythmical scheme!

Besides the use as an envelopes the PEG can be used as a LFOs as well, just hit the cycle switch. Both, the duration of the LFO cycle or the length of the envelope can be forced to fit perfectly into a time grid just by tapping the ping button or by feeding a clock into the ping input.

The ping rate can be multiplied or divided by the factors 2 to 8, manually and by CV which means you can automatize the LFO rate... perfect for wobbly modulations ГЎ la dubstep.

The characteristic, shape and the symmetry of the wave can be manually set and voltage controlled by the SKEW and CURVE parameters. A SCALE control acts as a polarizing attenuator on the output (-10V to 0V to 10V).

Further features: unipolar (0-10v) or bipolar mode (-5V to 5V). Trigger outputs for end-of-rise (or half-rise, depends on jumper setting) and end-of-fall. Logic function

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