The QCD Expander adds lots of functionality to the Quad Clock distributor like an attenuator, an inverted output with three different operation modes and a pulse width/delay control. With the expander the QCD will generate non-linear sequences, self-evolving rhythms, swing/shuffle patterns, humanizing and randomness.

Per QCD's channel the expander features following functions:
  • the multi-functional output INV OUT that mirrors the clock of the main QCD output.
  • Mode switch for the INV OUT function: delayed trigger mode, inverted gate mode, shuffle mode (delayed and original trigger)
  • Control for pulse width/delay. Sets the clock delay at the INV OUT (or the pulse width in inverted gate mode). It controls as well the pulse width of the clock at the main QCD out. A Polaizer allows for exact control of modulation
  • The CV input for the Div/mult parameter is expanded by an attenautor, simplifying the tempo modulation.

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