4MS Shuffling Clock Multiplier

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Код товара: 45638
Гарантия: 12 месяцев
Unlike a clock divider, the Shuffling clock multiplier can output a multiplierd, accelerated clock! Three outputs carry a straigh clock, five outputs give you clock signal which can be influenced by the means of shuffling, pushing forward in time or skipping clocks. A CV at the rotate input can alter the multiplication factor of the eight outputs in realtime.

The SCM analyzes the time distance between two clocks at the input and can multiply the clock according to this information.

The "blue" outputs x1, x2 and x8 are steady clock outputs.

The clock at the "green" outputs S3, S4, S5, S6 and S8 can be affected by the CV Slip parameter which causes particular beats to land ahead in time. [The optional breakout module for the SCM expands the function of the "green outputs" considerably as the clock can be shuffled, some clocks can be omitted and you can set the pulse width of the clock - all of these with controls and CVs!]

Die Rotate-Funktion verschiebt den Multiplikationsfaktor an allen Ausgängen um einen bestimmten Wert, je nach Stärke der anliegenden CV. So kann man ganz einfach und bequem Tempoänderungen wie double-time erzeugen.

The rotate function shifts the multiplication factor at all clock outputs simultaneously by a certain value, depening on the value of the CV at the CV rotate input. This makes possible to create tempo changes like double-time easily.

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