4MS Spherical Wavetable Navigator

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Ahoy there! The 4ms Sperical Wavetable Navigator is not just one oscillator, but six (!). In fact, it is six complete voices, each with its own VCA and complex LFO/envelope. The voices can be globally controlled as chords for instance or played completely independently. As a navigator in wave space you can traverse a Sphere of Wavetables by longitude, latitude and altitude, but also sail in zigzag patterns and make sudden course changes. All under CV-control. Another highlight: Through "Waveform In" you can grab any signal within your modular system and transform it into a Sphere!

The Spherical Wavetable Navigator (SWN) is a six-fold polyphonic synthesizer with a novel navigation concept for scanning through wavetables.

The module consists of six oscillators, each connected to a VCA. Each oscillator channel can hence be called a full voice, as also a complex LFO/envelope is present within each. With a set of six faders in the middle of the module, pitch or level or waveform can be set manually or being CV-controlled by said LFOs. The LFOs have a dedicated output jack each and controls for amplitude, phase and speed. 25 waveforms are available and also the option to switch to envelope mode.

The mixed signal of the six oscillators is made available as a stereo audio output.

Each oscillator also has its own 1V/Oct input, which makes it independently controllable. The transposition, detuning, spreading and variation of chords can be controlled globally or individually. Quantisation can be set to major, minor or chromatic scale. Tonally the SWN covers the whole range from polyphonic melodies to stacked and slightly detuned oscillators, clusters / swarms to chords. It will stay in tune easily through a temperatur-stable, high-quality pitch tracking circuitry that is easy to calibrate and adjust.

A true novelty is that wavetable segments are arranged in the form of a closed sphere. This results in very effective and new ways to scan through wavetables. At the same time, the concept is immediately understandable and easy to control. Slowly developing drones / textures or abrupt changes in timbre can be obtained by changing coordinates or resorting to more complex parameters like „Dispersion“, "Dispersion Pattern" or „Browse“.

Twelve Spheres are stored on the module. A Sphere is contained within a Preset which is a snapshot of all the parameters of the module (minus Fader settings). 108 additional Preset spaces are available for your own creations. These can be modified versions of the basic spheres. Or complex audio recordings edited on the computer, which can then b etransferred digitally via a patch cable.The highlight, however, is that SWN has an audio input. Any signal can be "grabbed" and transformed into Sphere data. Along the way you may apply some of the built-in FX-algorithms and then save the result to one of the free presets!

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