AMS Neve Genesys G96 (96 input, 48 fader) base console

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The AMS Neve Genesys G96 is a hybrid analog/digital console that combines modular upgradeability with 48 channels of Neve 1073 mic pre/line amplifiers, 16-channel DAW monitoring, total reset and total recall, motorized faders, Encore automation, remote preamp control and much more-48-fader, 96-input console

Check out the new Genesys Control software, which gives full control and instant reset/recall of all digital functionality of the console.

Preceding the Genesys Black, but still in production, the AMS Neve Genesys was Neve's first answer to the multi-level convenience of digital technology as well as it's primary deficiency, which is the obvious lack of Neve's analog sound and full midrange. In creating the Genesys, Neve engineers were truly up against some serious hurdles. Control surfaces offer the advantage of modularity, which enables you to build the console as your business needs dictate. However, since the real world is analog, you need to create a hybrid system of analog I/O and digital control. It's not unusual to see a digital workstation perpendicular to a large analog desk at one end, which means the monitor is firing into one ear. Along with taking up studio real estate, a hybrid system also requires a lot of complicated wiring and interface issues. In a nutshell, the prime directive for AMS Neve engineers was to create a console that combined the advantages of digital control and automation, modular upgradability, and of course, classic Neve analog sound-but also to make owning a Neve console a realistic prospect for smaller studios without compromising on sound quality. Or, in other words, the AMS Neve Genesys.

AMS Neve Genesys G96-Just the Facts:

48 channels of Neve 1073 mic pre/line amplifiers
48-channel DAW monitoring
Total Reset and Total Recall
Motorized faders with Encore Automation
Remote mic amp control
6 aux sends (4 mono and 2 stereo)
8 groups
2 main outs
4 effects returns
48ch, 8t, 2t and monitor metering
1 mixing and monitoring
2 cue mixes
Full talkback capability
Internal PSU
USB stick store, load & reset
Hands-on DAW control for Pro Tools, etc.

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