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The Buchla AUX Card Expander takes full advance of your Music Easel / 208 expansion slot. It provides an extra digital oscillator and some other hidden modulation options to your LEM 208 / Easel.

Previously, your options for utilizing the program card connector and aux input on your Easel were limited to preset cards and a few DIY projects, the Easel AUX Expander is first real "vocabulary" expansion option for the Easel.

It provides an extra auxiliary modulation source in low range modes or an audio rate variable waveform digital oscillator. When used in low range mode, it effectively serves as a second modulation oscillator, providing extra modulation capabilities or freeing up the original modulation oscillator to assume audio duties.

There's also an extra pulse output, with selectable destination between sequencer, envelope generator or pulser. The AUX card also enables CV control via the "to card" switches, for example, there's CV control over the complex oscillators timbre pot, plus it adds CV control over the selector switches (yes, really!).

So you have CV control over the LPG, Low Pass and VCA switching, Timbre Wave Shape and the modulation type! Note that switches can only be modulated upwards (with positive voltage), so for this mode to work, the switches must be in the down position.

An incredible amount of addition modulation for an already modulation dense synthesizer, the AUX Card is a must for any Easel owner.

The main features of the Buchla Aux Card Expander Include

Takes full advantage of the Easel program slot

Provides an extra modulation source

CV inputs with full attenuator controls

Provides CV control over the switches

Can be used with the iProgram card when combined with the card doubler

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