The Buchla LEM 218 brings the iconic Touchplate Keyboard from the Music Easel into the 200e format, for use with Buchla modular systems and interfacing with other synth standards such as Eurorack.

The LEM218 is a 29 note capacitance keyboard that's instantly identifiable as the control surface from the Music Easel. This stand alone, 200E compatible version not only lets you use it within the confines of your 200e system but also provides all the requisite converters and connectivity within its chassis to let you use with your 1 volt per octave / eurorack gear.

The LEM218 packs a lot of features into its small and slim form factor:

There's a slew limiter dubbed portamento for adding slide intervals to your CV, great for adding expressivity to your solo's. An arpeggiator with variable clock rates, which can sync to incoming MIDI clock. The arp cna run in random or in ascending order of when the notes were input / touched .There's four assignable touch plates, which can be used to send preset voltages or can be used as octave switches (across 4 octaves). And the very useful pressure output is also accessible as Buchla standard 1.2 volt or Eurorack standard 1.0 volts, which is great for adding more expression to your playing.

And since the 218 is E series compatible, you can control the pitch of your 259e or 261e over the internal communication bus without even patching it in.

The LEM218 is an incredibly versatile controller, and now it can interface with even more than before.

The main features of the Buchla LEM 218 Touchplate Keyboard include

29-note capacitance keyboard

Onboard arpeggiator

4-preset voltages or octave switches

Internal MIDI to CV converter

Internal 1.2 to 1.0 volts per octave conversion

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