Burl Audio B80-BCLK

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The Burl Audio BCLK is a cutting-edge word clock daughter card for the for the B80 Mothership. Featuring eight BNC-style word clock outputs, a dedicated AES/EBU clock output, and extremely low jitter, the BCLK is guaranteed to keep every device in your studio in sync.

Two Programmable Banks

The BCLK generates an extremely high-quality clock from the Burl MotherBoard (BMBx) and passed along the Burl BackBone (BBB) to each daughter card slot in the B80 Mothership. BCLK can deliver multiple outputs of the system word clock using two independently programmable banks. For instance, if you are running a 96kHz session, you can output 48 kHz, 96 kHz or 192 kHz from each BCLK word clock bank. For large-scale productions, multiple BCLK units can be used to achieve up to 92 total word clock outputs with an M80 Mothership.

Burl Audio Mothership

Burl Audio are known for their innovate B80 Mothership rack devices, which can be customized with preamps, digital audio converters, word clocks and more. Each daughter card is equipped with transformers in the input stage and op-amps in the output stage, combining the flexibility and pristine sound of digital audio with the character and attitude of an all class-A discrete signal path. Perfect for home studios, commercial recording studios and post-production houses and broadcast facilities, the Mothership can be customized to suit any session. And with digital control options for SoundGrid, Dante and more, the B80 Mothership can even be used as a studio-grade stage box in live sound applications.

  • 9 Word Clock Outputs (8 BNC, 1 AES)
  • Two independently programmable banks
  • Extremely stable, low jitter clock
  • Up to 92 Word Clock outputs in 1 unit

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