Nymphes is a small but sophisticated polyphonic desktop synthesizer with an analog heart and digital ornaments.

Sound generation and modulation are analog for all six voices. Digital tools were used for the reverb section, MIDI integration, and preset management.

Weighing under 1kg, the Nymphes synthesizer offers the following features per voice:

  • Waveshaping oscillator
  • Sub-oscillator
  • Noise generator
  • LFO
  • 2xEnvelope
  • 24db lowpass filter
  • 6db highpass filter

Other features, which refer to the sum or all voices, are:

  • Common LFO
  • 7 editable chords
  • Modulation wheel, aftertouch, and velocity can be assigned extensively
  • Mono unbalanced large jack output
  • Headphone output


The actual power consumption is 310 mA. Some computers cannot supply this much current. Please make sure your device has enough power for Nymphes before connecting it - otherwise, you will need a USB splitter or USB hub with power if you want to connect it to a computer.

If a USB adapter is used, it should always be able to supply 1000 mA or more.

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