Expert Sleepers ES-8

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USB audio interface

Expert Sleepers ES-8 is a USB 2.0 class-compliant USB audio interface in a Eurorack module with DC coupled inputs and outputs that can be used for both CVs and audio . As such, it is compatible with all popular computer-based CV generating programs and audio/CV processing iOS apps. The ES-8 also has one ADAT input and one ADAT output each. These Toslink optical jacks can be used to add additional inputs and outputs to the module or to use a traditional audio interface such as mic preamps or 1/4" line outputs. An expansion header on the back of the module allows the connection of an ES-5 Expert Sleeper, to which Gate, CV and MIDI Expander can be connected.

Expert Sleepers ES-8 at a glance:

  • USB Type B
  • class-compliant USB 2.0
  • Supported sample rates: 44.1kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz
  • Audio sample depth: 24 bit
  • Outputs: 8x 3,5mm connectors, DC coupled
  • maximum output voltage: +/- 10V
  • Analog inputs: 4x 3.5mm connectors, DC coupled
  • Input voltage range: +/- 10V
  • digital I/O: 1x ADAT input, 1x ADAT output
  • Extension header for Es-5 and ES-6

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