Expert Sleepers FH-2

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The FH-2 is an USB MIDI host that allows you to integrate a class-compliant keyboard, pad, DAW or DJ controller into a modular setup. Besides polyphonic MIDI, the module also understands MPE. On the output side, all common types of control voltages can be generated. Thanks to HID compatibility, gamepads, graphic tablets and so forth are usable as well. Altering settings can be done directly at the module’s front panel or via a browser-based software editor. Alternatively to operation as a “controller bridge”, the FH-2 is also usable as a clock generator, a multi LFO with sync option, an arpeggiator or a step sequencer.

The FH-2 converts data coming from an USB MIDI or USB HID controller into analog control voltages. In detail, CV, gate and various trigger signals can be generated. Eight voltages are emitted simultaneously. The number of CV or Gate outputs can be doubled using the FHX-8CV or FHX-8GT. If you don't have a controller at hand, you can utilize the FH-2 as a clock generator / clock converter, multi LFO with sync option, arpeggiator or step sequencer.

14 bit converters are used for DA conversion. The voltage range can be switched between +/-5 V and 0 to +10 V. The module supplies the connected controller with power.

Thanks to a rotary encoder with push function and an OLED display,you can edit the module directly at its front panel. Alternatively, it is possible to use free, browser-based software.

Of course, you can also combine the FH-2 with a groovebox or drum computer and send clock signals, start / stop commands, et cetera to modular components.

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