Genelec F1BWM Subwoofer F One white

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Enhance the bass in your stereo or home theater system with the white Genelec F One 6.5" 40W Subwoofer. It features a down-firing 6.5" woofer with a down-firing port to add more bass to your audio. Its LFE, stereo RCA, optical, digital coaxial, and 3.5mm inputs & stereo RCA output let you route audio through the subwoofer in case your amplifier or receiver doesn't have enough inputs.

Tailored Performance Nothing brings low frequency content alive with clarity and precision quite like a Genelec subwoofer. The F One is able to reproduce low frequencies right down to 35 Hz with very low distortion – even at high SPLs – while its onboard room response controls and bass management allow you to precisely tailor the performance of your system to your room, enabling your main speakers to focus more efficiently on the rest of the frequency spectrum. The Ultimate Hub The F One also features analog, optical, and digital coaxial inputs, automatic input detection, and a range of remote control options, making it the ultimate hub for your home audio system. The system playback level can then be conveniently controlled by the F One's wireless volume control, and the subwoofer is also capable of learning IR remote control commands and supporting an optional wired volume control. Additional Features
  • Self-generated noise of ≤15 dB in free field at 3.3' on-axis (A-weighted)
  • Die-cast aluminum enclosure
  • Free-field frequency response (-6 dB) of 35 Hz to 85 Hz; 35 to 120 Hz (LFE connection)
  • Midband rejection >400 Hz, ≥50 dB
  • 18 dB sensitivity adjustment range
  • 0 to -6 dB bass roll-off control operating range in 2 dB steps

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