Heritage Audio RAM 5000

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The Heritage Audio RAM System 5000 is a professional 5.1 ready monitor controller in a convenient split format. With its matrix of inputs and outputs, covering balanced and unbalanced analog, all common digital formats on a state-of-the-art Wolfson DAC, and the innovative professional quality HA Bluetooth technology, the System 5000 will cover all the monitoring needs of the most demanding professional facilities at a price never heard before.

The level control is taken care of by means of microprocessor controlled gold-plated relays, giving an exceptional resolution of 64 dB of attenuation in 1 dB steps. Keeping active electronics to a minimum, the attenuator is buffered using premium Burr Brown circuitry for negligible coloration and no noise.

Headphone monitoring is as critical as main speaker is. Usually a weak part even in the most expensive units, the RAM System 5000 employs very high current drivers in a diamond buffer configuration which are able to drive any headphones to very high levels without coloration or noise. It has 2 amplifiers 4 individually configurable to follow any of the CUE sends or the active input (MIX).


The RAM System 5000 features talkback facilities in a similar fashion to the large format consoles. Talkback signal can be assigned to the Mix signal (following Input selected), by pressing TB MIX. It can also be assigned to the dedicated CUE inputs by pressing TB CUE, or at both at the same time, pressing TB ALL. All 3 buttons are momentary (they do not engage), so need to be kept pressed for the talkback to function. This avoids sending embarrassing comments to the talents by mistake. The talkback signal is taken from the Electret microphone found in the front panel and further amplified. Controls for talkback mic gain are SHIFT + TBMIX for lowering the gain and SHIFT + TBCUE for raising it. Pressing any of the talkback keys will activate the DIM function in order to avoid feedback from the mic to the speakers.


Your RAM System 5000 provides with 2 different headphone amplifiers, placed at the left and right front panel ends. They are capable of extremely loud levels without distortion, noise or coloration of any kind so, before plugging your headphones in, make sure the headphone level is at its minimum setting, and adjust accordingly. Each headphone amplifier can have 5 different sources. MIX (following the selected input source), or any of the 4 CUE inputs (following the related CUE input on the back panel DSUB 25 connectors). This allows for different monitoring mixes for the different talents and the recording engineer.


The RAM System 5000 Bluetooth device automatically recognizes your device's best Codec option and uses it for streaming.

Apple's iTunes Store and You Tube use AAC as native so streaming from an iPhone or iPad will result in a lossless transmission, much better than an analog wired connection!

Vast majority of Android devices have already adopted the amazing sounding "Qualcomm aptX audio" Codec, which is nearly lossless and the standard that wireless high quality headsets and sound bars are adopting.


The RAM System 5000 Bluetooth device substitutes your mobile device's analog circuitry with a state of the art, fully differential Burr Brown balanced output stage which delivers a full 0 dBfs = +22 dBu output able to drive a load of 600 ohms. This allows direct level comparisons while mastering or mixing with Apple's iTunes Store or mobile stored reference mixes.


5000 Synchronizing your mobile device with the RAM System 5000 is as simple as pairing any other Bluetooth device. It will appear as "HERITAGE RAM 5000" on your Bluetooth devices' list. YouTube hosts nice tutorials about how to do so in both Android and iOS if you need help. The System 5000 automatically selects the best Codec supported by your mobile device, so no configuration is needed.


Whenever a device is paired with the RAM System 2000, the "SYNC" LED will light. From then on, your mobile device takes over the transmission, including Transport control (PLAY, STOP, etc.) and Level (Volume). Active streaming is confirmed by corresponding Codec LED being turned on. Please note Codec IS NOT configurable. It is automatically chosen from the best available option on your mobile device. Devices can only be paired one at a time. Whenever a different device needs to be paired, Bluetooth needs to be reset, so SHIFT + BT buttons must be pressed down.

  • INPUT 1 to 4: Balanced, accessible on a DSUB 25 connector which follows the Tascam protocol. Input 1 is also duplicated on a pair of XLR connectors for ease of use. Nominal level is +4 dBu. Depending on 5.1/ST and LFE mode configurations, Inputs 1 to 3 represent the 5.1 system or are individual stereo inputs.
  • UNBALANCED INPUT: Accessible on a pair of RCA connectors, its nominal level is -10 dBV.
  • DIGITAL INPUT: Based on the Wolfson WM8741 DAC (still the best to our ears!), it features AES/EBU, TOS Link and S/PDIF connectors. Inputs are transformer isolated and read the word clock from the digital incoming signal. A maximum of 24 bit/192 kHz is allowed and 6 further advanced digital filtering options are available via internal jumpers. The different digital formats are selectable by pressing SHIFT + DIG in cycle mode.
  • BLUETOOTH: This input features the same architecture found in the acclaimed Heritage Audio BT-500. If you are not familiar with it, the BT-500 is an Audio Streaming device in a convenient 500 Series format. It streams audio from your Bluetooth-equipped device and delivers a fully balanced, +22 dBu stereo output. Integration of mobile devices intro a professional studio environment has never been easier.

The RAM System 5000 features 5 pairs of balanced outputs labeled OUT1, OUT2, OUT3, OUT4 and OUT5 available via discrete XLR connectors on the back of the unit. Depending on 5.1/ST and LFE mode configurations, Outputs 1 to 3 represent the 5.1 system or are simply individual stereo outputs. As has been said previously, OUT 2 R can be a permanent subwoofer output depending on configuration. In case OUT 2 seems to not be working properly, please check this configuration first.

In addition to the monitoring outputs, the RAM System 5000 features the following outputs:

  • MIX OUTPUT: It follows the input signal and is taken PRE FADER, meaning its level is unaffected by the monitoring attenuation. It is therefore ideal for recording the mix at the same time, or as an additional cue send. It is unity gain.
  • CUE OUTPUTS 1-4: Working in tandem with the CUE INPUTS 1-4, they work as traditional CUE sends, where the CUE Output follows the CUE input plus the Talkback signal when this is in use.

Product Specifications

Chassis 19-inch Rack-mount
Input Connectors AES/EBU XLR, Analog DB25, Analog XLR, Digital RCA, Optical, RCA
Output Connectors Analog DB25, Analog XLR

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