Set any studio up for a perfect sound every time with ARC Studio from IK Multimedia, an all-in-one acoustic room correction program that measures, analyzes, and applies corrections for monitors, headphones, and more. Using the included MEMS measurement mic, you can find and correct the unique problem areas of any space.

The process is simple—measure your space with the MEMS mic, analyze your space with ARC 4, and apply the correction automatically with ARC Studio. Each correction process takes less than 10 minutes and avoids excessive EQing of hardware. With ARC Studio, you can work faster and create better mixes that sport an improved frequency response balance and enhanced stereo imaging. As a standalone process, the ARC correction system works independently of DAWs or computer limitations, acting as an effective Swiss army knife for improving playback quality in any home or professional studio, as well as personal audiophile sound systems. You can even use X-MONITOR to emulate numerous devices—from top-of-the-line studio monitors to hi-fi speakers and smart devices—making it easier to reference and compare mixes. ARC Studio includes ARC 4 and a MEMS measurement microphone.

Trust What You Hear
Your room can have a big impact on how you hear your music. Room structure, dimension ratio, walls, furniture, and other elements create standing waves, bumps, and dips in the response that change the frequency and timing balance of what you hear. This makes it really difficult to correctly balance your mixes without having to audition them on lots of systems and in lots of rooms.

ARC Studio measures and corrects these issues, ensuring your work translates properly everywhere. Using a stand-alone processor, this correction can be applied to any studio monitors in any studio, including hardware and console-based ones, and applied to all sound sources without regard for DAW or operating system limitations. You'll mix faster and with less effort, and your work will translate better than ever.

How It Works
  • Measure your acoustic space using the ARC 4 software and included MEMS measurement microphone connected to any audio interface with a phantom-powered microphone input.
  • The ARC software guides you step-by-step through a series of measurements across your listening position—with ARC's flexible placement options you'll be done in less than 10 minutes, and the process can be repeated for multiple pairs of monitors or listening positions.
  • Once the measurement process is complete, the correction is transferred to the ARC Studio processor for latency-free, set-and-forget correction.
An All-New Listening Experience
By measuring your room across a 3D space around the listening position, IK's award-winning ARC technology creates a 3D snapshot of your room to identify and completely correct the problematic issues that are dominant while avoiding having to drastically EQ the room regardless of the importance and relevance of the issues. Only the truly offending alterations will be handled and corrected while maintaining the natural sonic quality of the monitoring system as if it wasn't corrected.
Sonically Invisible
  • Since your monitoring path quality is crucial, ARC Studio uses truly high-end A/D and D/A conversion stages for total sonic transparency and a level of accuracy you only find in mastering-grade audio converters.
  • 120 dB(A) analog input to analog output dynamic range, 0.5 Hz to 40 kHz frequency response, and ultra-stable clocking for vanishing low jitter.
  • It connects to your studio and monitors with balanced XLRs with power-safe relay-based hard bypass—so when bypassed it's completely removed from your signal chain, and you're protected from sudden power-related pops.
Correction for Every Studio
ARC Studio delivers the power of the ARC System for more studios in more places.
  • For pro studios, whether digital or analog console-based, ARC Studio allows for correction and custom-tuning for any setup while the inherent system's sonic quality.
  • For DAW-based studios, ARC Studio frees you from the hassle of inserting plug-ins on the master bus of your work and preserves zero-latency monitoring setups.
  • You can customize your setup for ideal performance no matter your preference, with adjustable upper and lower correction limits, variable resolution and smoothing, and both natural and linear phase modes.
A/B/C/D Your Mixes
ARC Studio also delivers new X-MONITOR options, emulating the frequency and phase response of many iconic studio monitors, as well as popular hi-fi speakers and mobile devices, with breathtakingly true-to-life results. With over 20 profiles included, a single pair of monitors now lets you test your mix on different reference systems quickly, without ever having to head to your car.

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