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Parametric voltage controlled four band equalizer.

Three parameters can be set for each band: The frequency, the bandwidth and by how much this range should be boosted or attenuated (+/- 16 dB). All these parameters are also CV controllable. The first band can be set as low-shelf and the last band as high-shelf. The outputs are normalized from one to four to the inputs of the next band. Single inputs and single taps allow the four bands to be used in very different configurations. E.g.: mono four band EQ, dual two band EQ etc. The Quad VC Equalizer is not a replica of other Quad Equalizers and is better suited for selective intervention on the sound of one or more signals than as a pingable sound source. As usual for L-1, the module has a board-protecting aluminum back plate and is built from only high-quality components.

TE: 24
Depth: 33
Power consumption +12V: 193
Power consumption -12V: 193
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