Millennia HV-316-16

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Гарантия: 12 месяцев

The Millennia HV-316 is a sixteen channel remote-controlled ethernet mic preamp with Dante connectivity designed to offer vividly realistic sound.

Stunning Mic preamp for the Studio and Live

The HV-316 uses the same high-voltage design as the renowned Millennia HV-3 mic preamp, inducted into the 2019 NAMM TEC Hall of Fame. It delivers the same pristine performance Millennia is known for across countless recording studios worldwide. Following the same high-speed transformerless design, the HV-316 is capable of capturing the most subtle detail of your instrument and ambience.

With an impressive +34dBu of input headroom, the HV-316 can be used in the most extreme audio environment.

The HV316 is also perfectly suited for Live applications thanks to its military specs chassis and medical-grade redundant power supply which provides backup power in case of failure of the first power supply.

It also offers RF shielding, stopping any potential interference and can operate at a surprisingly high-temperature threshold without any interruption.

Superior Conversion and Dante Controls

Built-in to the HV316 is a high-quality AKM AD converter chip delivering stunning 32-bit/192kHz resolution and >130dB of dynamic range.

Through the use of Dante, it is possible to use up to 384 audio channels on a single Ethernet network. Each of the included preamps is accessible remotely via Millennia’s proprietary 2nd generation AElogic software including all controls such as gain, polarity, high-pass filter and stereo link. It also includes selectable Ribbon or Phantom Paths on every channel.

A Plug-and-play Beagle Linux processor takes care of all the internal processing, offering unlimited scene recall and scribble strips.

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