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Код товара: 45508
Гарантия: 12 месяцев
High-End Micro Preampliflier

The American manufacturer Millennia Musik & Media Systems offers a signal processor which combines high-quality tube technology and Class A FET technology in one device.

The transformer-free unit combines a microphone preamplifier, DI input, compressor/limiter, two parametric equalizers and a de-esser, which can be switched either in tube technology or via FET transistors. The compressor has the settings Ratio, Release, Attack and Threshold, while the De-Esser has an adjustable working frequency. Both share a switchable pointer instrument, which also displays all other level settings, and both input channels have gain controls.

The unadulterated clear sound and extensive features make the STT-1 a perfect addition to your studio equipment.

  • 1-Channel microphone preamplifier
  • Optional HV-3 solid state or M-2 tube preamplifier
  • Instrument input routable between FET or tube circuit
  • NSEQ Parametric 4 band EQ
  • TCL Opto-Compressor/Limiter/De-esser
  • Switchable between transformerless and transformer-balanced for all signal paths
  • Symmetrical line input
  • VU - Meter
  • Natural sound in all dynamic styles
  • 19" Rack format with 2 U

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