Modor Eurorack Formant Filter

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Код товара: 45505
Гарантия: 12 месяцев

The stereo Formant Filter from the Modor NF-1 is now available as a Eurorack module. It is a special „vowel morphing“-filter which is able to morph between different sets of formant frequencies with the big Formant knob. Thanks to the Vowel button, it is possible to choose one of ten factory presets – very handy! Furthermore the four frequency bands of the vowels can be adjusted manually using the controls on the top. An amazing filter for stereo processing or even 2-voice polyphony.

Modor’s Formant Filter is a special kind of vowel morphing filter. It is comparable to a set of parallel bandpass filters, picking up and amplifying a set of small frequency bands.

The big Formant knob is able to morph between three sets of formant frequencies (vowel): One is audible when the knob is turned completely to the left, the second one in the middle, and you will hear the third one by turning the knob completely to the right. This can be voltage controlled thanks to the CV inputs. The intensity of modulation is determined by the Amount potentiometer.

It is possible to select one of the preset vowels using the Vowel button: A-E-O-I-OE-U-EI-EU-AO-U-UI. And you have the option to compose your own vowels by manually adjusting the frequency bands, thanks to the four potentiometers on the top of the module.

The Shift button enables you to set the presence of the first three frequencies with the first three presses and the forth sets the volume of the active vowel. This is visualized by the three indicator LEDs.

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