Noise Engineering Melotus Versio

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Код товара: 45711
Гарантия: 12 месяцев

Melotus Versio is a versatile stereo effects module for textures and transformation, granular processing and grain delays.

Based on the Versio DSP platform, Melotus Versio is another stereo effects module from Noise Engineering with unique capabilities for manipulating sounds. The proven design of Versio modules is characterized by the fact that the scaling of the controls has a very good playability. Versio modules are effects units that encourage interaction, and the Melotus Versio is no exception.

The eight CV inputs also invite you to use the module as more than a simple end-of-chain effect. It is a versatile and exciting module that can dynamically transform your input signal between grain delay and swirling textures. For this purpose, it is first modeled by a low-pass/high-pass combo filter, which adds haunting shimmers and subharmonics, then you can freeze grains by hand or with triggers and gates, or synchronize them to create rhythmic effects.

And if you ever feel like discovering another firmware for the Versio DSP platform, you can turn your Melotus Versio into a completely different effect - or develop your own firmware using Noise Engineering's open-source documentation.

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