Noise Engineering Ruina Versio

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Код товара: 45712
Гарантия: 12 месяцев

Sadistic stereo distortion module with Octaver, Phase Shifter, Wavefolder, Multiband Saturation, Notch Filter and Doom (Suboctave Chorus).

Distortion modules with different distortion types under one roof, are no longer a rarity. However, you can usually only choose between different modes, but not use them simultaneously. Ruina Versio allows the use of different distortion types and layers them on top of each other or into each other. Not only different clipping types are available, but also filters, octaver and a chorus for the sub-octave range. Noise Engineering of course pull out all the stops again and invented the Smoosh switch, which boosts the signal by a devastating 128 dB.
All Versio modules share the same hardware. The software of the respective modules is available free of charge and can easily be uploaded to the hardware via USB. Thus, anyone who owns a single Versio module can also use all the others.

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