Noise Engineering Vice Virga

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Код товара: 45710
Гарантия: 12 месяцев

The Vice Virga is a versatile 8-input, 8-output sequential or voltage-controlled switch that can be set up as a single 8-channel switch, two 4-channel switches, or four 2-channel switches.

Conventional sequential switches only run in one direction, which means you have a trigger input to cycle through all possible stages of the sequential switch in one direction before starting again at the first position. The Vice Virga can go forward, backward or back and forth - you decide via a button, trigger or CV inputs in which direction it should go.

Additionally, there is a randomization function. In one of its modes, the Vice Virga randomly routes input to assigned outputs (8-channel switch, 4-channel switch, 2-channel switch) when a new trigger is sent to the Advance input. In another mode, each trigger completely randomizes which output has which input signal.

The Vice Virga is a very useful module for chaining CV or trigger sequencers, switching through outputs from an oscillator, rearranging modulation or effects chains, and so on. Come on, time to get creative!

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