Paratek Тактомер 2с8

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Код товара: 45687
Гарантия: 12 месяцев

Gate counter, clock, stopwatch

• eurorack format 2-digit counter of incoming gate messages 5-12V.
• Based on Soviet Russian nixie tubes Ин-8.
• Optional shimmering backlight. 4 jacks passive multiple.
• 8 modes: stopwatch, 6 counters from 4 to 99 gates long and the output of random numbers.
• Save last mode on power off.
• You can choose the color of the backlight, with or without shimmering
• The front panel can be black or aluminum.

Consumption: +12 - 160 mA (270 mA with backlight)

Оставьте свой номер телефона, менеджер свяжется с вами в ближайшее время.