Thanks to E-Mu, Dave Rossum probably has more experience with professional hardware samplers than anyone else in the Eurorack business. The Assimil8or is an eight-voice, multi-timbral sampling module which can record mono or stereo material. It offers phase modulation via CVs or other samples. The voices can be freely configured. Samples can be extensively manipulated, looped and played back in various ways. In terms of sound, the module shines with high-fidelity, thanks to its 24 Bit AD and DA conversion.

The Assimil8or features eight sample voices with individual outputs. For recording audio material, there are two input sockets. Either mono or stereo signals can be fed to the module. In addition to a pair of mix outputs (left / right), individual outs are available.

The Assimil8or’s channels can be freely configured, for instance as eight mono voices, four stereo voices or any other combination adding up to eight voices in total.

There are a gate / trigger input and three CV inputs per channel. The latter can be assigned to lots of parameters, for instance pitch, level, bit depth, phase modulation, panning, scrub, sample start and end, loop start and end, release decay (for gated sounds) or reverse. These parameters can be set manually per sample as well, of course.

Assimil8or offers several playback modes: One shot, gated with or without decay and two loop modes (forward or pendulum).

Samples and presets are saved on a SD card. The slot is located at the front panel.

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