The Morpheus is a premium 14-pole stereo digital filter, originating from the legendary Emu Morpheus synthesizer and its Z-Plane technology from 1993. It uses complex filter configurations modeling resonant sound characteristica and interpolating them by the means of voltage controllable morphing in three dimensions to provide for sounds unheard before. User-made filter configurations can be saved and sequenced.

The basic idea of the Mopheus module is to compose eight complex filters to a filter configuration. Imagine each of the filters being one of the eight corners of a cube in which you can mover. The three bi-directional, voltage controllable parameters "Frequency", "Morph" and "Transform" determine the thre-dimensional, real-time movement in the cube (left-right, forwards-backwards, up-down). The audible results are just out of this world and truly exotic. The Morpheus eurorack module is entirely stereo.

Over 190 14-pole filter configurations are included, hundreds of customized filter configurations can be created and saved. A sequencer allows for stepping through filter configurations under trigger or clock control.

A large, sharp OLED display is used for programming and realtime display of morphing.

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