Satellite, from Rossum Electro-Music, is an external host module to house presets designed from the coveted Rossum Control Forge. Having multiple Control Forge's can fill up one's case quickly, Satellite is the solution to this problem. It is just about half of the size of the Control Forge, and can old all of the presets and preset sequences, independently of the Control Forge. Once the Satellite is loaded with the presets, it can be used as a standalone module, and doesn't even have to be in the same case as the Control Forge! Multiple Satellites can be chained together to allow huge expansions to the level of control in one's Eurorack modular synthesizer.

Satellite Features

Connects to a Control Forge to load presets and sequences
Functions as a complete stand alone CV generator after programming
Multiple Satellite units can be synced via gate inputs to create complex poly sequences and modulation contours
Presets: 500
Preset Sequences: 200

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