Hollow Foam Popscreen B 5 D

For use especially on pressure-gradient transducers in light wind and as a close-speech guard. The B 5 D offers good effectiveness, yet has only a slight influence on the sound. It is made of foam but is hollow in the middle. This leads to an enclosed air volume around the capsule, just as with basket-type windscreens. The microphone must be inserted up to the stop.

Although it has not been designed for that purpose, it is possible to use it on the MK 4V, MK 41V or MK 4VXS microphone capsules and the corresponding CCM Compact Condenser Microphones. The microphone’s slight inherent high-frequency emphasis is then compensated for. The B 5 D cannot be used with MK 6 or MK 8 capsules, or the corresponding CCM 8 U/ L. compact microphones.

  • Dimensions: 70 × Ø 50 mm (max)
  • Colour: Grey
  • Additional gray flocking
  • Windshield for HCCM 4
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