Schoeps Double M/S Windshield Set Pianissimo

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Код товара: 46154
Гарантия: 12 месяцев
Full set for Double M/S with two cardioids and Fig-8 Set contains: 2*CCM 4 L, CCM 8 L, Pianissimo PIANI-3 CCM, AK DMS 3U, 3*SGC, 3*K 5 LU, 3*Premium case for CCM, v2020, K DMS 5 U

This Double MS Plug & Play set includes microphones, windscreen and cable for recording using the Double MS technique. It is intended for recording the three unprocessed microphone signals and subsequent post-processing with our Double MS plug-in.

The set contains the following products:

  • 2 * CCM 4 L (cardioid)
  •  CCM 8 L (Fig-8)
  • Pianissimo PIANI-3, windshield set for 3 * CCM
  • K DMS 5 U, XLR-7 multicore cable
  • AK DMS/3U, breakout cable (XLR-7F/3*XLR-3M)

The CCM microphones can be replaced with the corresponding combinations of CMC 1 L amplifier and MK capsule.

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