Schoeps OCT-3D Set

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9ch set for recordings after the "OCT-3D" technique with microphones and stereo bars Set contains: 6*CCM 41 L, 3*CCM 4 L, 2*MAB 1000 without case, CB-MAB, KMAB 1000, 9*SGC, 9*K 5 LU, 4*STR 250

The Schoeps OCT-3D Set is a complete 9-channel microphone bundle designed for 7.1 or 9.1 surround recording using the OCT-3D technique. It expands the OCT technique with height channels to provide natural spatialization and balanced imaging.

It includes six CCM 41 LG miniature supercardioid mics, three CCM 4 LG miniature cardioid mics, two MAB 1000 stereo bars, a CB-MAB mounting bracket, four STR 250 support rods, nine K 5 LU LEMO to XLR adapter cables, and nine SGC stand mounts.

The support rods create distance between the lower- and upper-level microphones to reduce their correlation in the diffuse field. Alternatively, the four supercardioid mics for the vertical channels can be mounted directly on the stereo bars.

Schoeps CCM 41 LG Supercardioid Compact Microphone (Matte Gray)

The Schoeps CCM 41 LG is a miniature supercardioid microphone with detachable cable. The design is a direct result of the demand for a compact capsule with the pick up of a shotgun microphone.

Off-axis sound is attenuated more effectively than that of a traditional cardioid polar pattern, and its frequency response is well suited for natural reproduction of vocals and instruments. The CCM 41 has slightly more roll-off at the low end due to the gradient effect, and is well suited as a "spot" microphone for orchestras, choirs, ambiance and more.

Supercardioid with highly consistent directionality throughout its frequency range Ideally suited for music and speech High directivity, comparable to that of a short "shotgun" microphone up through mid­range frequencies Often preferred for use in film sound recording and as a spot microphone in orchestras Schoeps CCM4 LG Cardioid Compact Microphone

The Schoeps CCM4 is a miniature cardioid microphone featuring a detachable cable and designed for use on singing and speaking voices as well as a wide variety of instruments. It can be used as a spot microphone or for stereo recording with additional mics in coincident, ORTF, or M/S microphone arrangements.

The CCM 4 offers a flat frequency response, optimal rejection of rear-incident sound, and a directional pattern that remains constant throughout the audio frequency range. This mic is free of coloration whether the sound is arriving at the front, the sides, or from all around the mic at once.

Classic cardioid Suitable for the widest range of applications, either as a spot microphone or for stereo recording with additional mics in coincident, ORTF, or M/S microphone arrangements Consistent directionality throughout its frequency range Preferred for singing or speaking voices and most instruments Schoeps CB-MAB Mounting Bracket for OCT Surround

The SCHOEPS Mikrofone CB-MAB Mounting Bracket for OCT Surround is designed to hold 2 MAB 1000 stereo bars at a variable distance of 5.1 to 18.5" (13 to 47cm).

Schoeps MAB 1000 A/B Stereo Mounting Bar

The MAB 1000 A/B Stereo Mounting Bar from Schoeps is ideal for mounting two or more microphones in A/B or ORTF positions. The simple design accommodates any mounting distance from 4-100cm with engraved markings every 2.5cm for easy installation.

Record in OCT surround when you add the CB-MAB supporting beam and a another MAB 1000 (sold separately) Schoeps STR250G Vertical Support Rod for Microphone Mounting (250mm) (9.84-inches)

The Schoeps STR250G Vertical Support Rod is a microphone mount extension rod that may be used with the BF 250 floor stand, or attached to additional support rods for added length and mounting flexibility. The rod features 3/8"-27 threads on each end and measures 9.84-inches (250mm) in length.

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