Schoeps RC 1200 KC 0,5

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Код товара: 45993
Гарантия: 12 месяцев
Active extension tube for Colette, 120cm with 50cm cable, incl. RG 8

The Schoeps RC 1200 KC 0.5 is a special type of Colette Active Extension Tube that terminates in a connector mounted on a flexible, 0.5-meter Colette cable. This connector is screwed onto the microphone amplifier, which may then be mounted on the vertical support rod with a clamp or inserted into the cable path at a hidden position.

This arrangement is most useful when working in close quarters, where inadvertent movement at the rear of the microphone stand might disturb the alignment, or where the microphone amplifier body and cable connector might be objectionable and when the arrangement is not changed frequently.

The cable length should not exceed what is necessary, in order to avoid possible interference. This problem can be avoided by using a similar setup with a CCM_L microphone.

Please note: Microphone is not included.

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