Solid State Logic Big SiX- 12-channel analog studio mixer- balanced signal routing throughout with +27dBu headroom (except headphones)- 12 channels (4 mono, 4 stereo)- 4 SuperAnalogue™ mic preamps with +48V/75Hz HPF- 4 stereo channels with Hi-Z impedance switch (1MOhm)- mono channels: 3-band EQ with switchable HF/LF characteristics, SSL compressor, bal. Insert- Stereo channels: SSL 3-band EQ- peak response LED indicators- 16-channel AD/DA converter with USB-C interface for recording- 18-channel stereo SuperAnalogue™ summing- summing bus with balanced insert path- SSL Bus Compressor (simplified version)- 100 mm fader- stereo mix bus summing for cascading mixers- two stereo cue sends- monitoring section with talkback, local monitoring, 2 stereo cue feeds- 2 headphone outputs with separate source selection- variable B-bus/mute circuit for simple overdubs- "Listen Mic Compressor" with flexible routing- dimensions: 489. 4 x 390.2 x 141.2 mm- weight: 6.8 kg

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