SSL SB 32:24 Stagebox (5U)

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The SSL SB 32.24 is a 5U ruggedized enclosure featuring dual redundant power supplies, 32 mic/line inputs, 16 analogue line outputs and 8 digital inputs and outputs on 4 AES3 input/output pairs. It has a pair of redundant RJ45 Dante network connections in addition to a user configurable SFP port that can be fitted with RJ45 or optical connectors. These can be used for network extension or to provide network separation for the gain-compensated Dante “split”, for connection to a second Dante-equipped console or appropriately equipped device on a different network. It has individual signal present, clip and phantom power LED’s as well as global indication of PSU, Network A and B and Hardware status.

SuperAnalogue mic/line preamp technology for your Dante IP Audio Network

Designed for use on any Broadcast studio floor, venue or recording room, SSL Network I/O Stageboxes allow easy deployment of Mic Pres and Speaker feeds where needed. Network I/O’s plug and play features allow devices to easily be moved, even between locations and retain routing and settings if required. All units can be remote controlled via System T broadcast consoles and control interfaces, SSL Live consoles, and the SSL Remote Stagebox Application.


Interface between studio/stage/recording-area and IP audio networks using Dante and AES67
SSL SuperAnalogue studio grade preamps
Gain-compensated Dante Split available on the same or separate (B) network
Device and parameter ownership assignment to avoid control conflicts
Redundant PSUs and Dante network connections
Redundant network extension/network B SFP ports
Clear front panel indication – signal present, phantom power, channel attention on analogue inputs
Front facing XLR connections


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