UDO Audio Super 6 Desktop

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UDO Audio Super 6 Desktop- 12-voice polyphonic Analog-Hybrid-Synthesizer- binaural analog signal path- 2 digital Oscillators (FPGA based)- Oscillator 1 with sine, sawtooth, squarewave, triangle, noise and wavetable- Oscillator 2 with sine, sawtooth, squarewave, triangle, noise and pulse width modulation- Oscillator sync and crossmodulation available- analog 24dB lowpass filter with resonance, static hipass filter and selectable overdrive stage- analog VCA- two ADSR envelope generators- LFO with extended frequency range (0.05Hz - 20kHz) and keyboard-tracking allows FM sounds- flexible modulation-matrix for extended sounddesign possibilities- Arpeggiator and 64-Step Sequencer with MIDI sync- Delay and Chorus effects- stereo output (2x 6.3mm jack)- stereo headphones output (6.3mm jack)- audio input (1x 6.3mm jack)- MIDI In/Out/Thru- sustain and expression pedal inputs (2x 6.3mm jack)- USB-B port- durable metal desktop chassis with integrated flip-up feet and VSA mount- optional 19" rack ears available (7U)- dimensions: 452 x 293.5 x 103mm (WxDxH)- weight: 5.5kg

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