M - Wavetable synthesizer 

With M, we are musically returning to our roots by bringing back classic Microwave and ‘modern’ Microwave II tone generation as a new-generation classic hybrid wavetable synthesizer with an analogue lowpass 24 dB/Oct VCF — SSI 2144 Improved Ladder Type — with resonance and analogue saturation feature, true stereo analogue VCA with panning option, and much more to explore in a desktop-friendly form factor featuring a wide range of unique sounds. Plentiful presets — totalling 2,048 sound programs (divided into 16 banks, each with 128 sounds) — professionally programmed by world- renowned sound designers also include all of the classic Microwave sound sets, such as MW1 Factory Sound Set, MW1 Soundpool 1-5, the fat-sounding Analogue and Bassco, as well as PPG Wave 2.3 sounds cleverly converted for the original Microwave. Moreover, it also features freshly-programmed sounds utilising M’s myriad new features — from true hard Sync (when working in its Modern Microwave II/XT mode) to the ARP (arpeggiator) and MIDI-syncable global LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator). 


  • Oscillators: 2 W avetable oscillators with indepen-dent wavetables and two different tone generation models - classic Waldorf Microwave I model and mo-dern Waldorf Microwave II model. 96 Factory Wave-tables + 32 slots for User Wavetables
  • Filter: Analog low-pass 24 dB/Oct VCF (SSI 2144 Improved Ladder Type) with saturation
  • Amplifier: Analog stereo VCA for each voice
  • Envelopes: 4 Envelope Generators; 8 pointloopable ti me/l evel Wave envelope generator, VCF and VCA ADSR envelopes and a free assignable loo p-able 4 points time/l evel envelope
  • LFOs: 2 LFOs with different waveforms
  • Arpeggiatorwith 16 preset patterns, chord mode and the ability to synchronise to MIDI clock
  • Sound storage: 2048 Sound programs + 128 Multi programs
  • Polyphony: 8/16 voices polyphony (16 voices available with the expansion board installed)
  • Multitimbrality: 4 P arts (4 parts can be assigned to 4 individual stereo outputs)
  • MIDI: USB 2.0 and DIN (5-pin DIN connector with In/Out/Thru)
  • Compatible with classic Waldorf Microwave I sysex messages (sound bank transfer/sound transfer)
  • SD Card for loading / storing user content as sound-banks and wavetables
Вес 5 кг

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