The TRSHMSTR consists of a beefy bandpass filter with squealing resonance and an aggressive distortion circuit based on the classic Tube Screamer pedal. Both components are voltage controllable and can be used either individually or in combination. Thanks to three modes of operation per audio processor, the TRSHMSTR is usable in many ways. Results range from classic, very musical overdrive to full-bodied, nasal acid sound and hard-boiled distortion.

The TRSHMSTR is a collaborative effort between WMD and the electro-dance heavyweights MSTRKRFT. Thanks to separate inputs and outputs, filter and distortion can be used individually or as a team. Cross-normalizations allow you to determine whether VCF or overdrive comes first in the signal flow.

The filter is a band-pass with cutoff frequency and resonance knobs. Both parameters can be influenced via control voltages. The frequency CV channel is equipped with a bipolar attenuator. Additionally, there is a 1v / octave input for key tracking. Using the three-way flavor switch, you can choose between different sound characteristics:

Switch in the upper position:
Medium resonance thanks to Zener diode clipping. The sound is full-bodied and nasal. While self-oscillating, the filter squeals harshly.

Switch in middle position:
The diode clipping is deactivated, leading to a much more voluminous sound and very intense resonance.

Switch in low position:
An asymmetrical silicon diode and LED clipping give the resonance a more restrained character. The volume is rather low. That said, it should be mentioned that squealing self-oscillation is still possible.

The Drive section is loosely based on the classic overdrive pedal Tube Screamer. There are manually as well as voltage controllable Gain and Tone parameters plus a high-pass filter with three settings. The Gain CV channel features a bipolar attenuator. Again, you can choose between three sound characteristics via a Flavor switch:

Switch in upper position:
Asymmetric silicon diodes create lots of odd order harmonics. The resulting distortion is voluminous and very musical. With the tone control turned fully to the right, you can make sounds sizzle very nicely.

Switch in middle position:
LED clipping diodes produce extremely crunchy distortions over a very wide frequency range. In other words: If you like it really rough, this is the right setting.

Switch in low position:
Symmetrical silicon diodes create compressed sound reminiscent of Fuzz circuits. High frequencies are emphasized.

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